Students in Japan return to school wearing face shields

Elementary and junior high schools in Fukuoka, Japan distributed face shields to all children and students and resumed classes.

A transparent plate that is distributed to the students' desks, a "face shield" to prevent splashes.

The Kasuya Town Board of Education distributed about 5,400 face shields to reduce the risk of infection to children, students, and faculty members of all six elementary and junior high schools in the town who resumed their classes on the 25th.

Of these, Kasuya Junior High School is supposed to wear it at school except for school lunch and physical education, disinfect them before leaving school, and store them at school.

The students said, "It's a little hot because I wear a mask, but I think it's okay to be able to prevent infections."

With the coming of full-scale summer, the school says, "We would like to respond flexibly to the heat depending on the physical condition of the students, such as measures against the heat, and to help the students and their parents with peace of mind."